Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Andrea's Picks!

Welcome to Andrea's Picks! this is my tiny little corner of the internet where I, Andrea, review, endorse, and discourage different craft, international and domestic beers. Simply put, I'm a beer fanatic, an absolute fanatic, and I believe that you should respect and enjoy beer as you would any other handcrafted alcoholic treat. Here, I will judge beers on the smell, the mouthfeel, the taste, and, some would say most important, the aftertaste. The aftertaste is a specific part of my tasting experience because if I hear one more line about how they can't take the "seltzery" taste of beer, I just might pop like a shaken brew. True facts. 

I encourage beering (yes, to me it is a verb) responsibly: for every Anchor Steam and Abita Purple Haze, there is an Allagash Curieux or a Southern Tier Caramel Brulee. Don't ever think that beer doesn't have the capacity to mess with your head like a shot of  1800® tequila. Safe booze is happy booze, and who doesn't want to be happy?

As of now, I'm making no profit off this blog. Will ads pop up at some point? Probably. But the point still stands that as of right now, I'm not making any money here. I mean no copyright infringement and I have no intention of stealing any registered trademarks. If I ever forget a disclaimer, or misuse a brand name, please, by all means let me know.   

Anyway, actual recommendations start right now. Happy beering!

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