Friday, March 16, 2012

Allagash Curieux

 Curieux (Pronounced Cure-ee-oh; don't make my mistake, I thought it was French and have been pronouncing it scher-oh for ages) is the Allagash Tripel aged in Jim Bean Bourbon barrels for eight weeks, and it is very highly present on the palate. The result is wonderful. Like I was saying before, this beer cannot be described in a small blurb. But it is truly an amazing beer, and something that should be tried by everyone.

Official picture from the website, hoooooo
Look at how pretty that is. Thing of beauty, that.

I was lucky enough to have it twice, once on draft and once from the bottle poured into a cup. On draft, the sweetness of the bourbon was present on the tongue, but not as heavy and saturated as it is in the bottle. In the bottle, it's very boozy and tastes more like bourbon than beer. On draft, there as a hint more bitterness, and the swallow had a burn that to me resembled smooth vodka. The bottle Curieux, on the other hand had the smokey vanilla down pat, and left your mouth with a slightly cloying bourbon taste. I guess the tap really aerated the beer, because even though I enjoyed the bottle, the tap really had a more balanced flavor that left me wanting more. The bottle was a slight bit overwhelming.

Also, warning: It is ELEVEN PERCENT ABV. 11%. Most beers are 4-8% so watch out- that stuff sneaks up on you quick.

Now, on draft, it just might run you anywhere from $6-$10, when you can find it. The bottles, however, can run you $25-$40 (*faint*) but even though I paint it in a negative light here, it is definitely a culinary treat to be split amongst friends like a fine wine. Drink it in a goblet- I promise you it makes a difference.

Happy drinking!


  1. I had no idea there were so many marvellous beers out there! Me? I stick to Moosehead. I know. B O R I N G !

    1. You know I've never tried Moosehead? But trust me, there is a world of wonderful beer out there. Go out and imbibe! St Patricks Day tomorrow! :D